The Kodzu
Avatar Collection

You asked for an avatar, we listened. Introducing the newly minted Kodzu Collection!
Owning your unique Kodzu avatar grants you access to the benefits and perks of the Kodzu community.
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Initial Drop


Total Kodzu's

US $100

Price (ETH)

Kodzu Perks

Your Kodzu gives you access to over $900 in perks:

  • A unique digital collectible avatar NFT
  • Unlimited free access to our Digital Library of 100+ eBooks, with new books added each month.
  • Free access to C# Corner, BCrypt, and Web3 Universe hosted conferences and events.
  • Access to hundreds of challenges and certifications
  • Access to career focused podcasts
  • Access to exclusive Kodzu Club with new benefits added monthly
  • Exclusive advisory consulting for your Startup

Startup Advisory

Do you have a startup or business idea? Looking for help from expert advisors?

Kodzu owners have access to exclusive startup advisory and consulting advice from successful founders and CEOs.

Win Rare Kodzu

The Kodzu collection includes limited number of Rare Kodzus that have a high net value in form of access to super exclusive features and perks.


Super Rare Kodzus


Dynamic Kodzus


Rare Kodzus

What Are The Different Avatars?

We want to ensure that each Kodzu avatar is different.  So each of the 10,000 Kodzu avatars is a unique collectible.  As an example, you can see the two Kodzu’s here; one is a young Kodzu (purple background) going to college and is all digital and cool looking. The other Kodzu (red background) is all grown up and ready for his first job as a software engineer at Microsoft.  Does he have Masala Chai or a Latte in his hand?    

Part of making each Kodzu unique includes thinking about what layers and traits are needed to achieve this uniqueness. Every one of the 10,000 Kodzu’s are supper excited to be adopted by one of you!  Whom will be the lucky person?  

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    How many Kodzu’s will be minted?
    Our first drop will be 500 out of a total collection of 10,000.  We will release Kodzu’s periodically, each release will include new benefits and perks.

    When will Kodzu be available?
    April 2024, you’ll have to stay tuned for the exact date or you can enter your email below. The 1st 500 will be will the first notified and prioritized as Kodzu’s very best friends!

    How much will a Kodzu avatar cost?
    $100 U.S. Dollars for each avatar.  The cost may increase in future drops as the Kodzu gains popularity and additional perks.  

    Where do I keep my Kodzu? 
    With the Sharp Rewards Wallet, you will be able to keep your own personal Kodzu on the digital collection page in your wallet.  Pretty cool right?

    How do I get my perks?  
    When you receive your unique Kodzu you will be given access to unlock your perks.